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Dr. Horace Wells

The founding father of modern anesthesia and his legacy in New England

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A Note from our Board of Directors

The Horace Wells Club is a professional group of dentists that was established in 1894 to honor the memory of Horace Wells, the father of anesthesia.  The American Dental Association in 1864 and the American Medical Association in 1870 and 1944 recognized Dr. Wells as the Discoverer of Anesthesia. We promote the memory of Dr. Wells by maintaining historical records of his discoveries which can be found in the Connecticut Historical Society (1 Elizabeth Street; Hartford, CT 06105). The Horace Wells statue in Bushnell Park has been maintained by funds from our Trust. At our annual meeting in December, we honor present day anesthesiologists and pain management doctors who continue advancing the path Dr. Wells began in December 10, 1844. Our final goal is to promote the study of anesthesia in dentistry. The Horace Wells Trust Fund scholarship was developed to assist dental students from Connecticut with the cost of their dental education.

We hope our website educates you on the historical journey of anesthesia in Connecticut and informs you of the projects we do to keep the memory of Horace Wells alive and well.

The Board of Directors of The Horace Wells Club 2023